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To view the Funeral services live. Please enter the family name and password provided by the deceased family member.

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The integrated system that we provide is the most advanced and comprehensive viewing system for funeral homes. The system includes a wide range of Internet based functions that funeral homes can provide the family. Funeral homes can and will be able to provide a comprehensive website for families that will include:

1. A stored video of the funeral service at cemetery that can be played at any time immediately after the funeral home uploads it to the family website.

2. Real-time live Internet viewing of the visitation at the funeral home is a powerful feature. The live viewing is made possible by web cameras that are placed in the visitation rooms at the funeral home. The live Internet viewing is only available during the actual hours that the visitation takes place.

3. An Internet photo album is another key function of the website. The family can select to purchase memorial CD-ROMs that contain the video of the funeral ceremony, family photos and messages sent to the website by relatives and friends. Online-Funeral produces the CD-ROMS and ships them to the funeral home.

4. Additional functions includes a condolences message center and a text memorial tribute. 

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Online-Funeral provides funeral homes with a comprehensive and easy to manage website administration system. The personalized websites that are set up for the families by the funeral home are easy set-up and maintain through a user-friendly interface. Funeral homes do not need to learn Website development skills as Online-Funeral has ensured that the underlying code is completely managed by logical information entry pages. 

The websites that the funeral home set up for families can be password protected so that only relatives and friends that have the unique password can access a the website. Each unique password enables access only to a specific families website. The password protection feature is optional. If the family selects to password protect the website, then the live cameras that are installed by Online-Funeral in the funeral home visitation rooms, can only be accessed by the family for the time period specified that visitation will take place for a specific family in the specified room.

The introduction of new technology will not only provide a valuable service to families but it will increase the exposure of your funeral home as family and friends log in the website of the deceased. 
Take advantage of the power of the Internet and use it enhance your facility's reputation. Online-Funeral.com can enable you to provide a higher level of service for your clients.

Online-Funeral provides funeral homes with an advanced comprehensive web-based service that families appreciate and gives them confidence that the funeral home they have selected is-of-the-art company. 
Online-Funeral provides Funeral homes an Internet presence that includes a wide variety of services including many of which are not available from any competitive supplier:

User-friendly interfaces to create websites for the families

Photo album capability with easy downloads of the photos from the web

Real-time live viewing of the visitation in the funeral home. 

The added feature of enabling additional real-time cameras to be placed in various locations that can be password protected so that only funeral staff can access them. Funeral home owners and directors can view any location in a funeral home that a camera is placed from any where in the world. 

State of the art video equipment that enables live viewing over the Internet

What are the benefits for the Funeral Home?
1. The website for the families is a new valuable service that families appreciate.
2. The funeral home can provide the family the option of purchasing a custom CD-ROM that can be distributed to family and friends.

Families will be more inclined to select a funeral home with the new technology.

As friends and family of the deceased view the website they will gain awareness of the funeral home.

The funeral home can add additional Internet accessed cameras that can be used for security and business monitoring purposes.

The website and sale of CDs is a valuable new revenue stream. 


Q: Can additional Internet viewing cameras be placed in the funeral home to be used for purposes other than for family/friends viewing of funeral visitations? 
A: Yes. Additional cameras can be placed in various locations throughout the funeral home for other business purposes such as monitoring the security and business activity of the funeral home.

Q: How secure are the password protected family websites?
A: We encrypt all the login names and passwords. Our advanced computer facility is in a secure location. 

Q: How is the website maintained? 
A: Online-Funeral provides a simple and easy to use interface that enables the funeral homes to create and maintain websites for families. There is no need to contact Online-Funeral develop or update the family websites, but our customer service team is always available to help when the need arises.

Q: What is the cost for families to have a website? 
A: The funeral home sets the price.

Q: What if the funeral home already has a website.
A: The funeral home website can seamlessly interface to the site hosted by Online-Funeral

How long does each family website remain operational.
A: The family website remains operational for a period of six months and then it automatically expires and is removed from the system.

What is on the CDs that the family can order? What is the minimum order quantity? 
A: The CD includes the video, digital pictures and the written testimonial. The family name and funeral home name are printed on the actual CD. The minimum order quantity is 50 CDs.


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